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Calvin Bridges is Anointed by GOD to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At age seven Calvin met the Lord and was baptized into the faith with a great love for the LORD Jesus Christ. He is, chosen to do a work for the Master. The LORD has anointed Reverend Calvin Bridges to teach Praise and Worship seminars, and perform Gospel music throughout the world. After studies at Southern Theological Seminary, Chicago State University, and Kennedy King Community College, in 1982, he was ordained into the Gospel ministry at the Faith Tabernacle Baptist Church, Chicago, Illinois where he served as Associate Minister and Minister of Music, 1979-1999. On August 18, 2000 Bridges was ordained an Elder in the Churches of God In Christ by Bishop William H. Bonner of the Sixth Jurisdiction of Illinois. Currently, he is a member of the Apostolic Faith Church, Chicago, Bishop Dr. Horace E. Smith MD, Pastor, and serves the nations of the earth through Word and Song, singing and teaching the Good News about Jesus.

Calvin Bridges

Glacia Robinson is a multi-award winning singer, songwriter, composer, producer, anointed minister of music, praise & worship leader, missionary, model, and author. Her powerful testimony glorifies God and His mighty works in her life for she was revived from the brink of death, restored, blessed, and preserved. She was sick for five and a half years, passing through many hospital doors, surviving countless tests, wheelchair, pampers, and strong medications. Even though doctors gave up on her, holding to the word of God, she declared Psalm 118:17 “I shall not die, but live to declare to the works of the Lord.” God has a purpose for her life and she lives each day to fulfill that purpose. Her ministry extends into international missions, inspirational and motivational speaking. 

Glacia Robinson

Country artist Synnove Aanensen,from Norway, has been an artist for 30 years. She has performed all over the world and her range of music is everything from country to traditional christian music.

Synnöve Annensen

From the country of Norway, between 2003 and 2011, Anette Lovtangen made her way to the city of New York, where she was one of 18 vocalists accepted into The New School in Manhattan, which has one of the most prestigeous Jazz and Blues programs in the country. She has performed at many famous jazz clubs in NY, and sang with many well known artists and musicians. After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Jazz and Contemporary Music in 2011, she moved back to Norway and in 2013 released her first CD ”Saw You Smile”. Anette has gone on to perform for people like the Swedish prince in Karlstad, as well as the prince of Norway. She has performed these last years in Sweden with many well known Swedish musicians such as the Odd R.Antonsen Bigband.

Anette Lovtangen

Helén Teike is a singer, songwriter, composer, producer, psalmist, praise and worship leader, and an Ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With a desire to facilitate an atmosphere of God’s love for those who struggle with hurts, disappointments, insecurities, low self-esteem, rejection, and unforgiveness, Helén brings hope and healing through her music and ministering. For over 25 years, Helén has served in local ministries in the New York City area. She was born and raised in Sundsvall, Sweden, and received Jesus Christ as her personal Savior and Lord in 1989 while living in New York. This was a huge turning point in her life, when her dream to sing gospel and Christian music was fulfilled. She began to learn everything she could about the Word of God, gospel music, worship, and singing for the Lord. Since then, Helén has traveled the world on missions and ministered in song in many languages. Her first album “Highest Praise” with original songs was released on November 11, 2016.

Helén Teike

April The First is the name of Niklas Ogenvall's singer/songwriter project. As a result of a pop music lover and guitar enthusiasts creativity it is a whole lot about characteristic acoustic guitar textures and vocal melody hooks. Now, after a nearly two-year stay in Borlänge (Dalarna County, Sweden) and studies at Boomtown Music Education, Niklas recently moved back to his native town Karlstad (Värmlands County) and with the debut Ep "In Progress" released on April 1st at over 100 digital music distributors online, the music is available for almost everyone on the planet. Now the journey has just begun to let them know about it.

April The First

Kiralina Salandy

KIRALINA SALANDY From Canada a G.U.C.C.C.I. (Jazz) Vocalist! KIRALINA is a five-time Award Winning vocalist, who has been performing in Quebec, Toronto, USA, Jamaica, Denmark, and Sweden for the past 8 years. She sings Gospel, Urban, Classical, Country, Contemporary, Inspirational & Jazz. She has recorded several albums in Canada, Jamaica and Sweden. Currently she resides in Stockholm, Sweden and works on different musical projects and is in the 2016 Jerry Williams production and summer tour. She loves to entertain and is dedicated to making each performance memorable by singing songs that make you dance or songs and touch the heart.

BnST (Brothers'n Strangers) is a Swedish rock band that was formed in the 90's. The band unexpectedly made a comeback in 2015 after receiving a call from God, and their album "Back On Track" was then released in late spring 2015. Lead singer Marcus Johansson, who considered himself a Christian all of his life, didn't truly receive Jesus until 2014, after he was to delivered from the deception of a lukewarm Christian lifestyle. His experience fueled the re-emergence of BnST. With Marcus, David Stenhoff (Guitar/Vocal), Samuel Marin (Bass), and Andreas Brolin (Drums), BnST now perform's for only one reason; to spread the gospel and love of Jesus Christ. They want to awaken the masses to the serious question we all must ask ourselves, and that is are we truly born again? Born of the spirit, as Jesus instructed us to be?


Christine Cullen a native of New York City began playing instruments and performing on stage as a child. She is an accomplished singer with a career in Opera, Classical and Musical Theater singing in many venues throughout the US and Europe including Carnegie Hall in NYC.

In addition to performing, Christine is a vocal and performance coach as well as a choral conductor and has dedicated her career to ministry and mentoring singers and musicians. 

Christine Cullen

Stig Lindell has worked as fulltime musician since 1987.

As a freelancer he has worked for artist from USA, Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe, either in studio or live.

In the Swedish music TV-series "Fame Factory”, Stig was the musical leader for more than 75 weeks 2003-2005.

Some artists/bands that Lindell has worked with; Jerusalem, Oslo Gospel Choir, Michael English, Seal, Kylie Minogue, Jennifer Hudson,

Tommy Cash, Billy Swan, Christer Sjögren, Tommy Körberg, Wanda Jackson and some hundred more….

Stig Lindell

Roger Mantell

Roger Mantell has been writing songs for many years.  He has composed music which was performed in plays featured at the American Theatre of Actors in NYC, and was the composer for “The Insomniac Players,” a series of late-night radio shows, two of which were broadcast on National Public Radio.  In the nineties, Roger Mantell co-wrote a rock musical, “Sandcastles,” which premiered at the Mazer Theatre in NYC.  He has recorded songs from the musical and worked with Grammy Award-winning producer Tony Camillo.  Roger also performed with Capitol recording artist Carl Worner and RCA recording artist Charlie Elgart.  He has served on the worship team at Calvary Chapel in New Jersey.  Roger has just completed songs from a forthcoming album based on his spiritual journey.  “At the Gate,” the new album, features songs infused with a newfound understanding of God which could only have emerged after embarking on this journey.  It is his greatest desire to communicate this spiritual awareness through music and lyrics from now on.

Spectra Gospel

Spectra Gospel in Sundsvall is one of Norrland's oldest and most experienced gospel choirs. We sing the most contemporary gospel, but please enjoy the concerts with some old beautiful traditional gospel or Negro Spiritual. We perform in all kinds of contexts, ranging from small chapels to large concert halls, both with full comp but also entirely acoustic. During our 20 years we have also collaborated with a number of artists like The Ark, Carola, Helen Sjöholm, Tommy Körberg, LaGaylia Frazier, Putte Wickman, Frank Ådahl, Cyndee Peters, Samuel Ljungblahd, Linda Pettersson Bratt, Stephen Brandt-Hansen, Michael Svarvar, Anna Stadling, Stefan Gunnarsson, Britta Bergström Zoie Finer, Andreas Aleman and Sara Nordenberg, but also with many American gospel artists on the Swedish Tour.
Spectra Gospel toured Cleveland, Ohio in 2007 and performed twelve times during the ten-day tour, ranging from major African-American gospel churches to television recordings and to a female prison. During the Cleveland tour they collaborated with gospel artists Jerry Thomas and Jay T Hairston.
In connection with the 2010 Christmas Concert, they released thier CD "Christmas with Spectra Gospel", with guest artists Joshua Nelsson and the Norwegian artist Stephen Brandt-Hansen. The disc is available at Café Piccolo and the Kulturmagasinet. The CD can also be ordered via email to Lars Johanson.
The group participates in other artists' CDs and have been awarded the Kjell Lönnå scholarship "For outstanding work in the choir song in our region".
In October 2015, Spectra Gospel went on a US tour again, this time till the New York area. The tour featured concerts, worship services, voice coaching and studio recordings.

Slim's Gospel Train (SGT)

Slim's Gospel Train (SGT) is a Swedish vocal and instrumental group, inspired by American black gospel. "Slim" Notini became famous when playing as twenty-year-old "Stockholm Slim" , a pianist on a Chicago Blues recording in 1967 with the guitarist and singer Magic Sam, (West Side Soul - Delmark Records). "Slim" sang and played professionally for several years in the 1970s and 80s. He made plates with his own blues band and with Peps Persson (Sonet Records) and appeared in radio and on television.
During the 1990's, he changed course and began studying black gospel. He debuted as a gospel pianist when he accompanied Cyndee Peters 1975-76 at concerts across Sweden. He has also organized Nordic tours with gospel artists, from the United States, for example. Dixie Hummingbirds, Dr. Horace Clarence Boyer, Ola Jean Andrews and Rev. Norris Turner.
He founded Slim's Gospel Train 2005. The group has perfromed in church concerts and participated in many worship services. SGT wants to spread the gospel (the happy message) to people everywhere.
On November 1, 2013, They met Canadian singer Kiralina Salandy and a spontaneous collaboration with Kiralina occurred and since the summer 2of 014, SGT has colaborated with Kiralina and has performed at Crescendo (Norrköping), Jazzens Museum (Strömsholm), Skottvångs Grufva (Mariefred) and Kungsträdgården (Stockholm Gospel Choir).
The members of the group:
Hedvig Notini, Anne Fagerström, Christin Lederman, Ulrika Ulvegren and David Johansson.
Slim  Notini - keyboard, piano, Hasse Larsson bass and James Bradley Jr drums are responsible.
Slim Notini is also the musical leader.


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