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Country artist Synnove Aanensen,from Norway, has been an artist for 30 years. She has performed all over the world and her range of music is everything from country to traditional christian music.

Synnove Aanensen

Roger Mantell has been writing songs for many years.  He has composed music which was performed in plays featured at the American Theatre of Actors in NYC, and was the composer for “The Insomniac Players,” a series of late-night radio shows, two of which were broadcast on National Public Radio.  In the nineties, Roger Mantell co-wrote a rock musical, “Sandcastles,” which premiered at the Mazer Theatre in NYC.  He has recorded songs from the musical and worked with Grammy Award-winning producer Tony Camillo.  Roger also performed with Capitol recording artist Carl Worner and RCA recording artist Charlie Elgart.  He has served on the worship team at Calvary Chapel in New Jersey.  Roger has just completed songs from a forthcoming album based on his spiritual journey.  “At the Gate,” the new album, features songs infused with a newfound understanding of God which could only have emerged after embarking on this journey.  It is his greatest desire to communicate this spiritual awareness through music and lyrics from now on.

Roger Mantell

April The First & Sofia

This year at 2018 Love Festival, April The First will be present along with wife Sofia.
April The First is the name of Niklas Ogenvall's singer/songwriter project. As a result of a pop music lover and guitar enthusiasts creativity it is a whole lot about characteristic acoustic guitar textures and vocal melody hooks. Now, after a nearly two-year stay in Borlänge (Dalarna County, Sweden) and studies at Boomtown Music Education, Niklas recently moved back to his native town Karlstad (Värmlands County) and with the debut Ep "In Progress" released on April 1st at over 100 digital music distributors online, the music is available for almost everyone on the planet. Now the journey has just begun to let them     know about it.


BnST (Brothers'n Strangers) is a Swedish rock band that was formed in the 90's. The band unexpectedly made a comeback in 2015 after receiving a call from God, and their album "Back On Track" was then released in late spring 2015. Lead singer Marcus Johansson, who considered himself a Christian all of his life, didn't truly receive Jesus until 2014, after he was to delivered from the deception of a lukewarm Christian lifestyle. His experience fueled the re-emergence of BnST. With Marcus, David Stenhoff (Guitar/Vocal), Samuel Marin (Bass), and Andreas Brolin (Drums), BnST now perform's for only one reason; to spread the gospel and love of Jesus Christ. They want to awaken the masses to the serious question we all must ask ourselves, and that is are we truly born again? Born of the spirit, as Jesus instructed us to be?



Courtney McCain


Marie Moise Fevrier

Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 5.54.42 PM.png

Hello My name is Sandra Nicholas, I am from Antigua and Barbuda living in New Jersey USA. I love the opportunity to sing for the honor of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am a member of Christ Church Worship and Created Arts Ministry, apart of the worship Team Ministry for NJN Vision School. I am very excited about been missionary work to the unreached nations. Because of Vision School, I had the opportunity to share the Gospel in Kenya, Turkey, Israel and Palestine. This year I am so excited to be apart of the Love Festival held in Vastervik Sweden. Being apart of this organization allows us to share 316 love, God's love to the people of Vastervik. The love of Jesus is for all people and we love the people of Vastervik.

Sandra Nicholas

Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 6.26.23 PM.png

Kimberly dances professionally for The Alabama Ballet, loves the Lord and have a heart for missions!

Photo credits: Mary Massie Photography

Kimberly Brubacher

Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 5.54.01 PM.png

Kirsten Marshall is originally from Torrance, CA. After high school, she trained with Ballet Magnificat, America’s premiere Christian professional ballet company, for two years. Afterwards, she was invited to teach ballet for a year in Bangalore, India. She then studied at El Camino College where she earned her Associates degree. Next, she danced with Paradosi Ballet Company as a trainee for two years. This upcoming season, she will move to Oregon City, OR to train with Instruments Ballet Company as an apprentice. She is so excited to experience beautiful Sweden for the first time!

Kirsten Marshall


Rebecca Sharkey

Rebecca Sharkey, 20, was enchanted by the beauty of dancing from the time she was in elementary school and began her training at age 11. During high school, she was a member of the Hanover Children's Ballet Theater and Company. After receiving Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior, she wanted to find a way to live for the glory of God. Rebecca spent 9 months as a student in the Dream Center Leadership school; a Christian servant leadership school in Los Angeles, California. She then spent the next year serving as an intern with Paradosi Ballet Company; the Pacific Northwest's first Christian ballet company. This fall, Rebecca will be coming back to ballet from a 2 year break to train as a pre-professional student with Instruments Ballet Company in Oregon City, Oregon. Rebecca is so thankful to be in Sweden and is excited to get to be part of Gods move with the arts and dance.


J P B Band
(Jan Persson med band)

Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 6.58.02 PM.png

Malek Yacoub

Malek - Tröst i min tro​   - 

Malek Yacoub


Susanne Christensson  - Songwriter and keyboard. Sings her own songs. Some songs even with her son Arvid and daughter Alma.

Susanne Christensson

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